Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Skull cap in Stitch Painter

Gabrielle gave us a great idea for using Garment Designer to create a cap. If you are going to knit the cap you can take it a step further and use Stitch Painter to include some graphics or color.

First Enter your Gauge in Garment Designer after you have drafted the shape of cap you want, and generate Shaping instructions. Write down your total number of Stitches wide by your total number of rows Tall.

Open a new document in Stitch Painter and set up the total number of rows Tall by the total number of Stitches wide you want the document to be. If you want to design the full cap you would multiply your single width by your total number of pieces. I chose to just do half so I multiplied it by 3. I ended up with 54 x 57 grid size.

Go back to Garment Designer and Generate Pixel-per-Stitch graphic, Select the piece and click on Edit Copy, this will copy the image to the clipboard.

Toggle back to your Stitch Painter and click on one upper most left stitch, and click on Edit Paste Special. Then click away to place the image on the grid. That will bring in and set one section of your cap. Select the image you just placed and click on Brush and then Capture. That will capture an image with the exact proportions you need to place down two more images.

After you have placed the three pieces you need you can add graphics or color:

You can then knit your cap following the gird. You can sew and knit just about anything with Garment Designer and Stitch Painter.

~Sonia Barton

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