Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Customer Spotlight...Bonnie Tone

A short while back I received an email, that I just had to share (with permission of course).

Hi Susan and friends at Cochenille Design Studio,

I want to let you know that I LOVE your Stitch Painter Gold software.
I have the full color import and beading and stitchery modules.  I
have owned it for several years and have enjoyed it so very much.  I
first used it to design a square pillow for my daughter when she
started college.  I crocheted it in cotton with the school official
seal, done in two colors.  That was so much fun.

Since then, I have been cross stitching portraits of family members.
I have done my father, nephew, daughter and grandchild.  I plan on
stitching my grandson, husband, and sister in the near future.  I
attached the cross stitch of my daughter and granddaughter to this
email.  One is not framed yet.
I have used greenish grays (beaver grays) in DMC, so the portraits are
monotone.  I think they are more dramatic than a full color portrait.

Thank you for your wonderful software.  I would not be able to
complete these projects without you.  I am having a wonderful time!

Bonnie Tone

Prepare to loose your socks:

Thank you so much for Sharing Bonnie..

~Sonia Barton


  1. Beautiful!!! The portraits look incredible! Bonnie did an amazing job!

  2. Absolutely amazingly beautiful!