Thursday, November 4, 2010

Garment Designer at Tennessee Tech University

There are quite a few Universities that have incorporated Garment Designer in there Fashion Design or Home Ec programs.

One of those Universities is Tennessee Tech University. Tennessee Tech University has two programs Merchandising and Design and Human Ecology.

In response to a call for Customer work submissions Sue Bailey, Ph.D., CFCS submitted the following:

Hi Sonia,

Based your call for customers to send blog material, I am attaching four photos of the students who designed vests and dresses in the spring'10 pattern making class at Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN. Garment Designer was used to design each project. I have secured permission from each student to have their photo and work posted if you should choose to use them.
As the class instructor, I simply love the ease of using Garment Designer in the apparel design classes. And, the new videos on You Tube will be extremely helpful. Thanks.


Sue Bailey, Ph.D., CFCS
School of Human Ecology
Tennessee Tech University

What wonderful Student work! Thank you so much Sue for your kind words and submission.


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